These are agency missions

LVL 1Edit

When u start off diving go straight towards the dead gunner(it dosent matteriff u get really close to him).Once there parachute to the landing zone and follow further insructions. When u slingshot, let go in between the cable car and platform.Follow further instructions and when u get to the turrets take out the silos and move up. Okay. To easily beat the end of this level(theres butloads of guys at end) take out SAMs and take care of silos and guys.Once done the girl will come to pick u up in 2 min. If u took out the silos(they should be left and right of sams)grapple up there and wait for the girl. After that u are done w/ lvl 1.

LVL 2Edit

When u start of take care of enimies and go to defuse bombs when the chooper comes hijack it(grapple on and move left stick up or down and follow button commands) another chopper will come and destroy it. u would be followed by a cutscene. Go where the directions tell u to go and stuntjump(press B in a vhiecle) and grapple inside. U would be followed by a clip. jump onto the guys car and shoot and hijack through the last bit of LVL 2.

You now can free mode.